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Print Ad - Injured Animal Lego如果制作一款有意义的公益广告?相信很多人都不太理解,因为公益广告和平面广告还是很大区分的。对社会的理解,对生活的理解都是公益广告里的思维。如果你具有超想象力的头脑,制作一款耐人寻味的广告,这样的需求总是供不应求。下面请欣赏一些比较不错的公益和平面广告。

Fossil – Help us to clean the ocean

Print Ad - Fossil

Fan and Tsunami Painting – If not in use, turn it off

Print Ad - Fan and Tsunami Painting

Don’t kill blockbusters. Choose original DVDs over pirated ones.

Print Ad - Shrek Under Pirated DVD

Save lives. Stub it out.

Print Ad - Stub

The planet is brutally powerful. Respect it. Preserve it.

Print Ad - Airplanes

Help before it’s too late

Print Ad - Graveyard

Exploiting the ecosystem also threatens human lives

Print Ad - Disappearing Shark

A spark is all it takes

Print Ad - Match

Indifference kills

Print Ad - Social Grave

Over 50% of all suicides are committed by senior citizens

Print Ad - Hangman Crochet

2.7 million children in Egypt don’t have a childhood

Print Ad - Egyptian Boy

Education is the only way out

Print Ad - Tea Estate Maze

Don’t treat Diabetes to your heart

Print Ad - Melting Ice Cream Heart

If the tree falls, we all fall

Print Ad - Tree Carrying the World

After the coral reefs completely vanish, humankind will be next

Print Ad - Human Arms Corals

We can’t do it ourselves

Print Ad - Child on a Toy Backhoe

Without your support, his fight is already lost

Print Ad - Old Man Carrying a Bazooka Carpet

Sleepiness is stronger than you

Print Ad - Droopy Eye Accident

The faster you go, the faster you arrive there

Print Ad - Coffin Pedal

If you want a stronger marriage, work on it together

Print Ad - Me to We

Children can be cruel. Teach them that animals have feelings, too

Print Ad - Injured Animal Lego

European Car Free Day

Print Ad - Bicycle with Panda

Make time for your kids while they’re still kids

Print Ad - Grown Man on a Baby Carriage

Today is the World No Tobacco Day. But it shouldn’t just be today.

Print Ad - Burnt Calendar Dates

Old clothes still can warm many people. This winter, donate.

Print Ad - Stacked Clothes Fireplace

Your hands can be dangerous

Print Ad - Monster Hands

All the birds returning again

Print Ad - Captured Birds

Ashes to Ashes: Philip Morris and Philip (Non Smoking Generation)

Print Ad - Ashes

Today 85,000 Belgians won’t remember what they read in their newspaper

Print Ad - Erased News

Rebuild the children

Print Ad - Haitian Children

Looking through bars hurts

Print Ad - Bars

Still there are countries that punish internet free expression

Print Ad - Imprisoned Emoticon

Potty train your e-waste

Print Ad - Robot Potty

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