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Nicole Kidman x Omega – Ladymatic

by ilikecss ON 2010/12/24 12918

Watches icon brand OMEGA presents the return of the line Ladymatic starring Nicole Kidman. Originally launched in 1955 and continuing for the better part of a generation, the Ladymatic wristwatch line defined feminine grace and elegance in another era. It was one of the brand’s first self-winding watches to be designed especially for women and it featured the smallest automatic movement OMEGA had ever made.
妮可•基德曼于早年时已热衷于演戏。她被誉为全球最佳女演员之一。2003年,她凭着电影(The Hours)中麻烦女作家一角色Vrigina Wolf 的精湛演出,羸取了当年的奥斯加奖座。她曾七度被提名金球奖(其中羸了三个,包括她于电影<不惜一切>、<红磨坊>与<时时刻刻>中的角色)。妮可•基德曼所表现的生命能感动人心。除了演艺事业外,她还是争取儿童与妇女权益的积极份子,亦是澳洲联合国儿童基金会(UNICEF)与联合国妇女发展基金会(UNIFEM)的亲善大使。联合国亦赞誉她为”世界公民”。自2005年成为欧米茄的形象大使后,妮可•基德曼在欧米茄”我的选择” 表款广告中隆重登场,并以品牌代言人身份出席部分公众活动。

The watches in the new Ladymatic line feature polished 34 mm cases with a distinctive ceramic ring between an outer decorative wave and the inner case body. The cases are crafted in 18 Ct red or yellow gold or in stainless steel.

Nicole Kidman, who lives for part of each year in Nashville, was being photographed for an advertising campaign for OMEGA’s new Ladymatic watch line by Peter Lindbergh.