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The Web Design Winner of September (网页设计九月优胜者)

by ilikecss ON 2010/11/10 4863

Hi my name is Jean-Bernard Grasset and I’m co-funder and creative director of ultranoir. I’ve been working in webdesign for 12 years now.. (你好,我的名字是 Jean-Bernard Grasset, 我投资创建了 director of ultranoir,我在网页设计领域有12个年头了…)

以下是对 Ultranoir 的访问:

1. Are you a self taught designer or have you been to a design school?(你是上的设计学校还是自己学习的?)
I’m a self-taught designer. I’ve created my first “pixel work” on an very old computer, Commodore 64, 25 years ago!(我是一个自学的设计师,我创建了我的第一个”像素作品”在一台非常老式的电脑上。)
2. How can you define yourself? (你如何评价你自己?)
3. What is your fauvorite browser? (你最喜欢的浏览器?)
No one of them!ChromeSafariFirefoxExplorer
4. OS? (喜欢的操作系统?)
No one of them!PcMac
5. Colours , grayscale or black and white? (喜欢用的颜色?)
Black and whiteGrayscaleColours
6. What is ur fauvorite software? (你最喜欢用的软件是什么?)
Others Notepad Dreamweaver Fireworks IllustratorPhotoshop
7. what projects are you currently working on? (你现阶段的工作是什么?)
Next one is Philippe Starck website. It will be released quite soon. We are also working on a new TV series website and we’ll try to push CSS limits as much as we can! (下一个是关于 Philippe Starck 的网站建设,很快就会完成。我们还将制作一个有关电视剧的系列网站,努力将CSS潜力发挥到极致。)

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